Expanding on Naughts and Crosses

To celebrate the launch of LiNE, an application designed and developed solely for Apple TV we’re initially allowing it to be downloaded for free, so download today.

The concept while simple will present a challenge to all. LiNE is based on a game we’ve all played before that is known by a number of different names – Naughts and Crosses, Tic Tac Toe, 3 in a Row to name a few. Traditionally this game has been played on paper on a 3 by 3 grid between two players. The aim being to create a LiNE horizontally, vertically or diagonally to win the game. Throw away the paper and attempt to outwit Simon, the AI opponent of LiNE.

However unlike the traditional game you only have 3 counters and after placing them you will have to reposition an existing counter to move. Such moves can only travel along the dashed lines that exist between the nodes (green circles). The move is complete when the first empty node is met, a counter can not jump over another one.

LiNE has 8 unique boards to choose from, the layout of their dashed lines defining what moves can be made. LiNE also lets you select a random board, which will randomly pick from the 8 unique boards – changing the layout between each players turn throughout the game.

titleScreenCompete on the 9 leader boards and attempt to unlock the ‘All Star’ achievement for each board. An ‘All Star’ is awarded when all 5 stars for a given board have been lit up. Careful however as these stars will also switch off should you begin to have a losing streak that lasts too long.

Earn an ‘All Star’ and challenge a friend to see if they can also master your chosen board. Who will be the first to earn all 9 ‘All Stars’ and become a true LiNE champion?

Game Center

Leader boards and achievements require a Game Center login. LiNE will still award board stars without an account but ‘All Stars’ can not be awarded and leader boards will not be shown.