Finding LiNE on the Apple TV App Store

Unlike both the iPhone and iPad, Apps can only be found when using the Apple TV. It is not currently possible to provide a link from a webpage and open the App directly within iTunes.

However it is still a straight forward process to locate LiNE in the Apple TV App Store, which we’ve outlined below:

  1. Fire up the Apple TV from a chair of your choice
  2. From the Home Screen selected the App Store IcontvOS App Store
  3. Wait for the App Store to OpentvOS App Store Entry
  4. Navigate to the Search menu using the Siri remotetvOS App Store Search
  5. Enter ‘LINE’ into the search fieldtvOS App Store Search 1
  6. Highlight and select the LiNE App from the results list
    tvOS App Store Search 2
  7. LiNE is now displayed for your reviewLiNE On App Store
  8. Download and enjoy

Once you’ve played LiNE and maybe achieved a star or two why not contact us and let us know what you think. We’re definitely keen to hear how you feel the game can be improved and certainly want to know if you encounter any problems – thanks for playing.